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Gift Options and Descriptions

Exams Survival Kit - $23.95
One Energy Drink, One Starbucks Frappuccino, Two Awake Caffeinated Chocolate Bars, One Snack Cup of Gummy Worms, Two Granola Bars and Two Bags of Rold Gold Pretzels

Colossal Cookie - $16.75
Our hand-decorated house-made giant chocolate chip cookie with or without a personalized message. Comes with plates, forks and napkins. 

Happy Birthday to You! - $23.95
A 10” hand-decorated house-made cake with a personalized message.

Sweet Sensations - $20.35
Two Bottles of UMU Water,  One Dozen M&M Cookies, Six Dark Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Rods and Four Assorted House-made Jumbo Cupcakes.

Cozy Up - $19.15
Four Hot Chocolate Packets, Four ECO Cups with Lids, One Dozen Housemade Chocolate Chip Cookies, Six Dark Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Rods. 

Well Wishes - $20.34
Two Bottles of Canada Dry Ginger Ale, One Snack Cup of Probiotic Snack Mix, One House-made Jell-O Cup, One Quart of House-made Chicken Noodle Soup, Zesta Saltine Crackers and a Box of Tissues. 

Doughnut Bouquet - $16.75
Assorted house-made donuts on a stick that’s the perfect gift for any occasion! Comes with a $5 B&B gift card. 

My Favorite Raider - $17.95
One Bottle of Flavored Tea, One Bottle of Mountain Dew, Two Bags of Farmhouse White Cheddar Chips, Two Twix Bars and one Snack cup of Chocolate Covered Pretzel

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