AVI Fresh offers a very special way to keep parents in touch with their students at College. Now you can say "I'm thinking of you" so easily with an exciting, top quality, fresh, delicious treat to mark holidays, exam time or for no reason other than you care! Orders must be submitted 72 hours in advance. You will receive a confirmation phone call and payment will be taken at that time.

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Sweets-to-go Order Form

Package A - The All Nighter

2 Energy Drinks and 6 Protein Powerballs;
Obie Munch (a delicious sweet and salty white chocolate snack mix) and Local Potato Chips

Package B - Sweet Sensations

12 Homemade Cookies
6 Chocolate-covered Pretzels
4 Jumbo Cupcakes

Package C - Food For Thought

Fresh Fruit: 2 Apples, 2 Oranges, 2 Bananas
Yeomix (Oberlin signature trail mix with dark chocolate pieces, toasted pepitas, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries,
blueberries and walnuts)
1 Jar Homemade Specialty Nut Butter and Homemade Fruit Preserves with Crackers

Package D - The Early Bird

3 Danish Sticks and 4 Jumbo Muffins
2 pieces of Fresh Fruit
2 Bottles of Orange Juice

Freshly Baked Giant Cookie or Cake

Allow our bakers to make a special treat for your student with a personalized message!
Choose from our delicious Giant Chocolate Chip or a 10" tier cake in either Chocolate or Vanilla or four jumbo cupcakes in either Chocolate or Vanilla with your choice of frosting.
There is plenty to share! Includes plates, forks and napkins!
Giant Cookie 19.95
Cake 24.95
Cupcakes 19.95
Thank you! We'll get working on your order and will call you to confirm and to take payment!
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