Your Meal Plan Options: Real Value PLUS Real Variety


Choose The Right Meal Plan For Your Needs!


Tiffin University and AVI offer several meal plans so you can choose the one that is right for you. We have meal plans that offer variety by allowing you to choose either a more traditional college campus plan, or one that is more flexible to the busy schedule of today's college student. With so many options, you are sure to find the one that is exactly right for you, whether you live on campus or commute and need a place to eat a good meal.

Meal Plan Options


Gold | 19 meals per week + $100 Dragon Dollars (required for all first-year freshman living on-campus)


Green | 14 meals per week + $125 Dragon Dollars (minimum meal plan required as a sophomore)


Dragon | 7 meals per week + $125 Dragon Dollars (minimum meal plan required as a junior)


Fire | 50 meals per semester + $75 Dragon Dollars (available only to commuters and seniors)

The campus food service offers a variety of meal plans for all students living on or off campus. Students are encouraged to speak with representatives from AVI for dietary restrictions, food allergies, or other food related inquiries. Students who live in the residence halls, houses and apartments are required to participate in the food service program.


Meal plans do not roll over from one semester to another; thus the meal plans, regardless of size will terminate after each semester and cannot be used for the following semester. Any and all meals or Dragon Dollars not utilized will not be reimbursed.


TU's Dining Service Offers You Real Flexibility & Real Value!


Have A Special Diet? Need A Sick Tray Or Care Package? Lunch On The Go?

We offer many options for our students. Feeling to ill to make it to dinner? Need make special dietary arrangements? We have a variety of special dining options available through the AVI Dining Service at Tiffin University.


Special Diets - If you require a special diet, we ask that you provide us with a letter from your physician stating what type of diet you are on, along with a list of those items that you can or cannot eat. Your Dining Service Director will make arrangements to meet the special requirements of your diet.


Sick Trays - If you are unable to come to the dining room because of illness, a sick tray is available. Please obtain a sick tray authorization from a Resident Assistant and present it to a Dining Service Associate. A tray will be made up for you as quickly as possible.


Need A Campus Job?

We're always looking for student associates to work in Cole Dining Hall, Catering and Dragon Brew. Please contact the Director of AVI Campus Dining Services in Cole Dining Hall at (419) 448-3450.


Our Open Door Policy:

Often the most valuable form of communication is the sharing of suggestions and concerns. AVI Campus Services' management team will always be available to you. We encourage the use of comment cards located in Cole Dining Hall. Also, one-on-one verbal communication is welcomed, as well as participation on the Dining Committee.


At Tiffin University, flexibility and real value are both an integral part of our Dining Service!

Your Tiffin University ID Card Is Also Your Meal Card!

Be Sure To Safeguard Your ID Card

It's Also Your Meal Card!


At Tiffin University, we want to provide you with the highest quality dining service at the best price possible - offering you real value. Make the most of your dining dollars! Your ID card is also your meal card. In other words, when your ID card is encoded with the meal plan you select, it becomes equivalent to cash. Please be sure to SAFEGUARD your card. Never loan it to another student, because your card represents you and you alone!


What happens if you lose your ID card?

If you do lose your ID card, you may pick up a new card at the Student Affairs Office for a fee of $25. Please report a lost card immediately. Because your card is the same as cash in Cole Dining Hall, TU's Dining Service will not be responsible for any money spent against your account.


About Cole Dining Hall:

TU's Dining Service is operated by AVI. Cole Dining Hall is located in the Gillmor Center. The Dining Service staff works hard to make your dining experience pleasant and efficient. Questions or concerns should be directed to the General Manager at ext. 3450. Cole Dining Hall is "All You Care to Eat." However; food is not permitted to be removed from the dining area.


Below are some basic rules for Cole Dining Hall:

All TU residents must participate in the Dining Service program.

Commuter students may choose from a variety of meal plan options.

You must present to the cashier a valid ID with a barcode identifying your meal plan choice upon entering the Dining Hall.

Meal plan identification barcodes must be obtained in the first week of school.

Traditional Meal Plans may not be shared.

Block Plans may be used at your discretion.

All guests must pay on a cash basis.

You are to bring their soiled plates to the service area for cleaning. Please DO NOT leave plates, glasses, silverware, or debris on the table.

Cups, plates, bowls or silverware are not to be removed from the dining room at any time.

Plastic beverage containers are not permitted in the dining room.

You are limited to one entrée per trip to the serving line. However, unlimited trips to the serving line are permitted. This procedure helps eliminate waste and keeps food cost down.

Shirts, shoes and appropriate clothing must be worn in the dining room.

Radio and tape/disc players are not permitted in the dining hall.

The Dean of Students reserves the right to exclude from the dining hall with no refund, permanently or temporarily, anyone who fails to comply with the regulations and/or for improper behavior.


Please Note: Cole Dining Hall is closed during official Tiffin University breaks.


We look forward to serving you!