Love Of The Earth Mission

We continue to bring new ideas to the forefront to protect the environment and make decisions that are fiscally and environmentally responsible. Reducing our environmental footprint and integrating sustainable practices is vitally important.  Each team member is encouraged to conserve and treat resources with respect.  Simple things like switching off lights to major initiatives to reduce environmental impact are a part of the company’s culture and beliefs.


At SLC, we carefully consider the environmental impact with each supplier we select. A few of our featured suppliers:


Food Authority

Food Authority provides our dining program with the freshest and finest quality products from local growers including Marolda Farms, Satur Farms, Wells Homestead Farm and Harbes Farm, all nestled near the metropolitan New York area. Food Authority has earned a reputation for not only delivering only the finest-quality products, but providing an exceptional diversity of the world's most desired foods. From the simple to the sublime, day-to-day needs to rare delicacies, their team of passionate foodies checks every item to ensure each meets our strict quality standards.


United Natural Foods

In 1970, interest in organic food began to grow, and to match that growing demand many of the small time farmers banded together to form a coalition. Operating on a "shoestring budget", these distributors were able to help each other meet larger orders until in 1996 they combined to form United Natural Foods, Inc. Now a leading independent food distribution company, UNFI ships from Chesterfield, New Hampshire, the farthest retailer SLC Fresh uses. SLC Fresh chose to use this merchant regardless of distance because their organic soy and wheat based products are second to none.

"Our product selection includes natural and organic foods, specialty and wellness products that meet our high standards for quality, consistency, assortment and dependable supply"


Sustainable Practices at SLC

We at SLC Fresh are as committed to sustainable and eco-friendly practices as the Sarah Lawrence community is to their deep and substantive pedagogy. Listed below are some of the few ways in which AVI keeps up with the latest innovations in green dining.


Trayless Dining

  • While an increasingly small amount of trays are still offered for utility sake, SLC Fresh hopes to make Bates a trayless dining facility, similar in that respect to the Pub.
  • Cutting down on trays reduces the loads dishwashing machines need to clean, saving water, electricity and time.


Culinary Preparation

  • Bates food stations produce personalized, á la carte dishes that meet dietary concerns (vegan, sandwich and pasta stations) and individual tastes.
  • One of the most successful ways in which SLC Fresh runs green is by "batch cooking" or cooking food as needed for the expected number of diners, without gross overestimations. If more of a dish is necessary, a smaller batch is made to order.
  • Individual portions at Pasta, Sizzle and Fusion are prepared per-capita at our Vegan-Vegetarian, International, and Home-style stations as needed throughout the meal period to eliminate waste.



  • 100% of cans used in kitchen are recycled
  • 100% of plastic containers of all sorts used in kitchen are recycled
  • Fryer oil is naturally produced, and biodegradable



  • New "Energy Star Partner" refrigeration units at stations and in kitchen replaced older water cooled units (which used significantly more energy)
  • New "Energy Star Partner" Dish Machine utilizes steam heating from existing boiler unit in Bates, rather than supplying its own, energy expensive heating module


SLC Community

  • Being an active and receptive partner in sustainability efforts in SLC community through support of sustainability related student ventures, recycling awareness, commitment to healthy dining options, local food support and more.


We Support Local Vendors

Pagano’s Seafood

Situated in Norwalk, CT, Pagano’s Seafood provides the SLC Fresh team with fresh and frozen fish and seafood from the East Coast.  With a focus on exploring and growing sustainable programs, Pagano’s prides itself on setting a benchmark in the NY market.


Double Barrel Roasters

The exclusive coffee and espresso bean provider to SLC, Double Barrel Roasters is a locally owned business situated in Yonkers, NY.  Roasting occurs daily and deliveries are multiple times a week.  Providing the campus with coffee standards and their own blend of customized flavors allows our barista programs to flourish with variety while still focusing on fair trade and sustainability.


Bartlett Dairy

Family owned and operated, Bartlett Dairy uses processing facilities situated close to New York City allowing for milk to be delivered at its freshest.  With a guarantee of next day delivery, the SLC campus enjoys fresh milk products from Hudson Valley cows thus contributing to lowering the carbon footprint.

Which organic products from UNFI does

SLC Fresh use?

  • All Soy and Wheat based proteins used in Bates Common Dining
  • Large line of Annie's Organic products
  • Large line of Amy's products
  • Field Day organic whole wheat pasta
  • Fresh produce including hydroponically grown vegetables