Want to learn more about AVI Foodsystems?

• We’re America’s largest family owned and operated food service company.

• We serve many Fortune 500 clients from coast to coast.

• We are based in Northeast Ohio and operate in some of the most prestigious business, education, healthcare and leisure and entertainment facilities in the country.

• We were founded in 1960.


The culinary program plays an integral role in attracting students and contributing to student and parent satisfaction. To mirror a commitment to the highest quality education, the AVI vision is one that is centered on our Fresh Food Forward model. Skilled culinarians prepare nutritious meals, from scratch with the freshest ingredients. We artfully prepare foods, in full view of our customers; displaying showmanship and precision in all that we do. Fresh is more than a model, it’s a way of life for our team.


Every day, we engage and interact with our customers to create an experience. AVI team members are hospitality-minded, focusing on creating a warm environment where smiles and food are the focus.

Our Philosophy:

It's All About Fresh Food and Hospitality