Dining Memberships for Every Schedule and Budget


Campus dining is a big part of the college experience. Our goal is to provide a variety of healthy foods in a fun atmosphere. We hope to enrich your dining experience by making it eventful and enjoyable. We will continue to make adjustments in order to keep pace with your ever-changing schedules, lifestyles, preferences and nutritional needs. We always encourage your involvement and input. We look forward to serving you and trust that your academic year will be an exciting, rewarding and memorable experience


This plan provides two meals per day in Ade Dining Hall with the option to dine in Powell Café, Art’s Spot and MidKnight Express for additional six meals per week.


Ade Meals: 10

Saxon Swipes: 60

Dining Dollars: $200


This plan is for those students who enjoy three meals per day on campus and includes unlimited access to Ade Dining Hall during regular dining hours.


Ade Meals: Unlimited

Saxon Swipes: 15

Dining Dollars: $50


Providing approximately one-two meals per day in Ade Dining Hall and the option to dine in Powell Café, Art’s Spot and MidKnight Express for an additional five meals per week.


Ade Meals: 8

Saxon Swipes: 45

Dining Dollars: $250


Designed for students living off campus or in specific housing on campus, with 80 Saxon Swipes and $100 Dining Dollars to use in Ade Dining Hall, Powell Café, Art’s Spot, and MidKnight Express.


Saxon Swipes: 80

Dining Dollars: $100


With $575 Dining Dollars this plan is designed for students who prefer to purchase food as needed in our Powell Café, Art’s Spot, and MidKnight Express locations. Includes three meals per week in Ade Dining Hall and 30 Saxon Swipes.


Ade Meals: 3

Saxon Swipes: 30

Dining Dollars: $575

Ade Meals are meals to be used exclusively in Ade Dining Hall, and are reloaded on a member’s meal card at the beginning of each week on Sunday morning. Ade meals can only be used by the meal plan member.


Saxon Swipes are block meals that can be used throughout each semester at a variety of locations: Powell Café and MidKnight Express for a combo meal or at Ade Dining Hall as a meal for the meal plan member or their guest(s). Saxon Swipes are good for each semester only (they do not roll over from one semester to the next).


Dining Dollars are used like cash at AVI Fresh locations & select vending machines on campus. Dining Dollars only come with the purchase of a meal plan and roll over from Fall to Spring semester, but expire regardless of balance on Commencement Day of each academic year. Additional Dining Dollars may not be purchased (see Fiat Bux below).


Fiat Bux are used like Dining Dollars with an added benefit; in addition to the areas listed above for Dining Dollars, Fiat Bux can be used at other AU locations: Clay Store in Binns-Merrill, The Press of the Dingbat in Harder Hall, Photocopiers in Scholes and Herrick Libraries, and at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore in Powell Campus Center. Fiat Bux can be purchased at Powell Cafe and MidKnight Express during regular hours of operation with cash or credit card. Fiat Bux are good until Commencement Day each year.


Lost your ID Card?


Report your lost card to Dining Services, stop at Ade, Powell Café, Art's Spot, or MidKnight Express during regular business hours to report that your card is lost. Reporting it lost allows us to invalidate your card so it cannot be used by anyone else.


Temporary Meals - Each dining location offers temporary meals until you are able to replace your ID card. Just complete the temporary meal form and you will be able to get up to four meals in that location.


Replacement ID Cards - You can get your ID card replaced at the Dining Services Office on the first floor of Ade Hall, Monday-Friday, 9:00-11:00 am or by appointment - please call (607) 871-2247. There is a $10.00 charge for replacement ID cards, this can be paid by cash or charged to your student account.