Gifts from Home


The Gifts From Home program is offered through Alfred and allows parents, family members and friends to stay connected to their student at Alfred through the gift of food. Whether it be a birthday celebration, mid-terms basket or a study buddy basket, we can help!


To place an order Call 607-871-2285

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We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards.



Birthday Surprise

¼ sheet (15 servings) or ½ sheet (30 servings) decorated cake available in Chocolate

and Vanilla with White or Chocolate Butter cream frosting and a personal message.


¼ sheet (11 x 17): $18.75

½ sheet (13 x 9: $29.75


Thinking of You

9 inch Cookie Pie with a personal message available in Chocolate Chip, Sugar and

Peanut Butter: $15.75

  • Orders must be placed three business days prior to pick up.
  • Orders must be picked up at Knight’s Den in the Powell Campus Center.
  • Price does not include tax.


The Crunch Basket

(mid-terms, finals or anytime)

1 pack of Trail Mix, 1 Muffin, 1 Granola Bar, 1 Pop Tart, 1 bag Chex Mix, 1 Jumbo Cookie,

1 Candy bar and 1 bottle Lipton Tea.


All put together in a gift basket: $19.95



Study Buddy Basket

(mid-terms, finals or anytime)

2 packages of Trail Mix,  2 Muffins, 2 Granola Bars, 2 Pop Tarts,

2 Jumbo Cookies, 2 bags Chex Mix, 2 Candy bars and 2 bottles of Lipton Tea all put together in a gift basket: $29.95