Pre-Booking Discount

University clients will receive a 10% discount on their event if they meet the following criteria;


Book event 7 days in advance with the following info:

  • Date and Time
  • Location
  • Menu request
  • Preliminary Count - (Guaranteed count due 72 hours prior to event)


Discount does not apply:

  • When changes are made to above criteria within 72 hours of the event
  • If the guaranteed count is more than 10% different (higher or lower) than the preliminary count.
  • To non-food charges such as; delivery, china, flowers, rentals, special linen needs.
  • To non-University groups/individuals.
  • To menu items added within 72 hours of event.
  • To events of less than $100.


Catered Events

Creating An Experience

When it comes to a perfectly planned and executed catered event, no one comes close to AVI! Our corporate and staff chefs are experienced, highly trained, innovative food service specialists able to create any menu selection you can think of … and many of which you’ve only dreamed.


Only a company with our local presence and vast resources can truly understand the complexities of making an event an unforgettable experience.


AVI provides delectable menus, perfect presentation and incomparable service. From backyard barbecues to upscale banquets, tell us exactly what you want and we’ll deliver!


Your full catering menu is available on this site. Remember, we can handle any special requests or vary menu selections according to your needs.